Vellora Productions was born out of a passion within us to capture love stories. We have been in the art of wedding photography and cinematography for over 5 years. We pride ourselves in capturing the most beautiful moments and affirmations of love that weddings bring along.

The creators of Vellora Productions are a set of very ambitious and creative twin brothers. David and Felipe have found a passion for storytelling through couples' journeys and adventures. David is a military veteran who found his love for photography while deployed to the Middle East. He attended and graduated from Film School soon after he finished his enlistment. Felipe discovered his interest for cinematography through his brother and studied international business while integrating himself in the film industry. They both lead the creative direction of Vellora Productions and are devoted to creating beautiful moments through their vision behind the camera.

We are storytellers at heart and consider Love to be the perfect subject in our frame. Vellora Productions is dedicated to capturing the moments that make your story unique.