Our story began in Chicago and has taken us on an adventure of 9 years of long distance dating from Indiana University to the Caribbean Islands, back to Chicago, many travels (heavily focused on beaches), and a puppy named Mylo.

    From the first days we met, we both knew there was something there. A chemistry, a bond, and dedication and support to and for each other.

    It all was sealed on August 24, 2018 on the island of Anguilla where Kishen proposed with the sunset in the background, flowers on the sand, and our families both together celebrating with us.

    Now after a year's delay, we are finally here to celebrate with all of you, in person and virtually, the day we have been patiently waiting for 9 years - our wedding!

Please tune in below to watch our wedding ceremonies on Live Stream.


Hindu Ceremony:



Sikh Ceremony: